A Christmas Message from Our President

My Father’s Eyes

There is nothing quite like Christmas.
No other time when life feels a little cozier, people a little friendlier,
Life a little more bearable.

Not only do the decorated trees, lights, candy canes appear,
But there is also something that has appeared over the last couple of Christmases.
It’s the Christmas pattern facemasks!

This brings me to what I have observed during this COVID experience – “eyes”!
Eyes can tell you a lot about another person.
You’ve heard it said that,
“Eyes are windows to the soul because they are the most honest part of the face.”

As we lean into this Christmas season think about your Father God’s eyes.
He made himself known to us in Jesus Christ.
This is the glory we celebrate.
Focus on our Father’s eyes; the look of love.
He looks over all His children with a great love for us.

This causes us to rejoice in the miracle of Christmas
And take comfort in His peace and grace.

Wishing you a blessed Christmas
And a new year full of promise!

Lieut. Colonel (Dr) Susan L van Duinen


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