A Farewell from Our Outgoing President, Lt-Colonel Susan van Duinen

June 30, 2023

As I write this last message, we have just moved into the beginning of summer. And I am moving toward the end of my time at Booth University College – beginnings and endings. Life is like that!

I opened my journal and thumbed through the pages of this past year and noticed the wonderful pieces I wrote about my family, friends, and opening my heart to the Lord for growth and seeking His wisdom and guidance.

I wrote about Booth UC. Yes of course, Booth University College would be in there. It has been a part of my life for the last two years. I wrote about the excitement of the anniversary and convocation celebrations. I wrote about students who came to see me and share their joys, challenges, and hopes for the future. I loved getting to know the dedicated staff and faculty.

There have been some dark moments and frustrations too. Knowing that joy is not endless, in the dark places, I have had to find moments that would shine just as bright while moving through the darkness.  I endeavoured to savour every moment of the two years. For you see, a moment savoured says to my soul, “I have lived something beautiful.”

What would I like to say at the end of this chapter of two years at Booth UC? Thank you to staff and faculty and alumni, students, the Board of Trustees. Savour the world, the day, the moment, your family and friends and the people around you.  And there will be changes. It lets us know we are alive and for the changes that will always come and be with you, take courage from Isaiah 41:10

Do not give way to fear.
The Lord IS mighty.
He IS the Almighty.
And He IS with me (with you)
In whatever
I am facing and
Wherever I go.


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