Behavioural Sciences Internships

In the Behavioural Sciences Bachelor Degree program at Booth University College, you will have the option of taking internships that will provide you with valuable hands-on work experience and job references that can help secure a job after graduation.

Why take behavioural sciences internship?

Behavioural Sciences internships offer an opportunity to apply the material you have learned in your university courses to the work environment, which will help you develop additional professional skills that will help prepare for your future career.  You will also develop networking skills that can help you locate a job after graduation.

How many hours required in the internship program?

Academic credit with internships is based on the number of hours worked.  An internship requires 90 hours. At the third year level, an internship provides a closely supervised work experience in a field related to sociology or psychology. A fourth year level internship provides a semi-independent work experience.

What is the behavioural sciences internship process?

Since Behavioural Sciences internships are not required in obtaining a behavioural science major, you, as the student, are responsible for initiating the internship process.  To develop a Behavioural Science internship, you are responsible to (1) contact the program head of Behavioural Sciences or Psychology or the internship coordinator, (2) work with Booth University College faculty to find a placement that is right for you, and (3) contact the organization to arrange any interviews or paperwork. Your advisor can provide you with more detail about the internship process. Finally, if the organization accepts you as an intern, you must register for the appropriate internship course(s) (BHS 350, BHS 450, PSY 450).

What assignments are required during the internship program?

In addition to your job responsibilities, the Behavioural Sciences faculty expects you to keep a log in which you will write a brief weekly entry describing and reflecting on your work experiences, and expressing any concerns or questions pertaining to your Behavioural Sciences internship.  Your agency supervisor will be required to complete three evaluation forms:  (1) a brief check in once 15 hours have been completed, (2) a mid-point evaluation when 45 hours have been completed, and (3) a final evaluation form, at the end of your internship. Students are also responsible to submit an evaluation of their agency.

“Through the Behavioural Sciences program’s combination of rigorous academics, internships and service to the community, you’ll leave Booth University College equipped with skills and experience that will prepare you for your career, and inspired to promote social justice and make a meaningful difference in the world.”

Sherrie-Lee Chiarot
2014 Behavioural Sciences graduate

For more details on the Behavioural Sciences program and internships, please contact Dr. Andrew Eason, Director of Humanities and Social Sciences.