Online Cybersecurity Course

In partnership with Cybint, an international cyber education leader, Booth University College’s School of Business offers an online cybersecurity course every term.


This course is open to business professionals and the public as well as our students.

The online cybersecurity course is a business elective option for Bachelor of Business Administration students.

BUS 175/MIS 175 Cybersecurity

This course is designed to introduce students to cybersecurity with a focus on its essential theories, elements, analysis and the evaluation of threats and opportunities. Includes foundational topics such as social engineering, security-wares, Wi-Fi security, mobile security, hardware exploits and privacy essentials.


Cybercrimes are growing exponentially, threatening the financial markets, undermining public confidence, violating privacy, and costing hundreds of billions of dollars annually. Cybint is an international cyber education leader committed to solving the significant global shortage of cybersecurity experts and putting an end to the growing threat of cybercrimes by helping higher-education institutions develop their own cybersecurity programs. Cybint believes that protection starts with cybersecurity education, which has become one of the fastest-growing disciplines in higher-education vocational training and government agencies.

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