General Studies Bachelor Degree (BA)

Exploring what career path to take? Want to keep your options open? Choose the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in General Studies program at Booth University College. It’s a flexible program that allows you to study multiple areas of interest while preparing you for future career paths or graduate studies.


A Bachelor of Arts in General Studies is a degree that can position you for the future. You’ll have the freedom to explore courses beyond the core curriculum, focusing on subjects that interest you the most. The general studies program allows you to develop a personalized, multi-disciplinary course of study that specifically meets your needs and your career goals. If you’re interested in a career such as a lawyer or teacher, and plan on applying to a professional program, the general studies bachelor degree will also help you meet a number of specific graduate program entry requirements.

Studying at Booth

Booth University College’s Bachelor of Arts in General Studies is a three-year degree which is designed to give you a university level qualification without a particular disciplinary major. This is an interdisciplinary bachelor degree, which encourages studies that cut across traditional disciplinary boundaries.  It is built on a progressive core curriculum that comprises a wide range of interdisciplinary topics from the arts, social and natural sciences, at the same time giving the opportunity to sample professional courses in business and social work. Students who earn a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies from Booth UC leave prepared for a wide variety of jobs and careers with the skills that are highly sought after in today’s workforce.

Integrated with a Christian worldview, you’ll develop a strong sense of ethics and integrity, and your knowledge and insight will allow for a deeper understanding of the human condition. It is from this perspective that you can build a lifetime of volunteer or professional service, helping to change our communities and the world at large for the better.

Learning Objectives:

In addition to the Institutional Learning Outcomes, the Bachelor of Arts in General Studies program seeks to develop in its students the following intellectual abilities and disciplinary skills:

  1. A sound foundation in the arts and sciences as delivered in the core curriculum;
  2. The ability to articulate an informed view of the world with an appreciation for its complexity and diversity, and to do so with an appreciation for the Christian world view;
  3. The ability to write clearly and think critically across a range of disciplines;
  4. The ability to select courses beyond the core curriculum which comprise a particular area of interest, giving the student a disciplinary emphasis appropriate to a three-year degree;
  5. Preparation for success in the job market by the acquisition of a university college degree.

“I am constantly surrounded by people with purpose. It is absolutely inspiring to walk among friends who share the goal of making the world a better place. My only advice to incoming students is: Allow yourself to listen and see the lessons surrounding you. There is knowledge and kindness inside and outside of our classrooms.

– Bianca Mattos (Student, BA General Studies)

Pre-Professional Pathways

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Bachelor of Education

Considering a degree in Education? Booth University College and the University of Winnipeg’s Faculty of Education have an articulation agreement whereby a Booth UC student can take up to 42 credits toward the U of W’s five-year Integrated Bachelor of Education degree or apply to their after-degree program after earning a Booth UC degree. Visit our Academic Partnerships page for more information.

Course Requirements

General Studies Bachelor Degree Program Requirements:
To earn a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies, you must have a CGPA of 2.0 or higher and successfully complete a minimum of 90 credit hours comprised of:

  • 42 credit hours of core curriculum requirements: includes Introduction to Christianity, World Religions, Urban Service Learning, University Writing, Representative Literary Works, plus: 6 credit hours in Math and Sciences, 6 credit hours in Social Sciences, 3 credit hours in Religion 200 level or higher, 3 credit hours in Philosophy, and 3 credit hours in Fine Arts.
  • A minimum of 90 credit hours
  • A minimum of 72 credit hours in the arts and sciences
  • A minimum of 45 credit hours at the senior level (200 or higher)
  • A minimum of 15 credits at the 300 level or higher
  • A minimum of 3 credit hours in each of five disciplines
  • A maximum of 42 credit hours in any one discipline

Detailed information on course options is available in the Academic Calendar.

Career Possibilities

Many jobs and career paths require a college or university degree as a pre-requisite for application. Entry level positions in business, banking, retail management, government, public relations and event planning and the social services are but a few places a general studies bachelor degree graduate might find employment. For those who want to enhance their career prospects by further study, the Bachelor of Arts in General Studies makes a great foundation for an after-degree in education, the study of law and other career paths that are open to graduates with a three-year degree. Others may elect to top up a general studies bachelor degree with one or two years of pre-masters work in order to enter a master’s program.

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