National Partner

Welcome to the site for the NATIONAL PARTNER – Canada and Bermuda Territory

Booth University College is equipped to serve the Canada and Bermuda Territory through a variety of offerings delivered in formats that are user-friendly, on-demand and self-paced.

As the Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda serves the territory with its:

  • mix of splendor and violence,
  • mixed-up despair and hope,  
  • mix of injustice and longing to do better,

Mission Partners can be better equipped through the training and development and education for all its works in:

  • social mission,
  • corps mission and
  • administration mission.

For the advancement of the Mission, Booth University College will provide its National Partner with accessible learning, knowledge, and skills that align with the Mission, Vision and Values of The Salvation Army in their context. These offerings will fuel missional efforts by all its mission partners.

Contact Us

For further information please contact:

Dr Mariciel Nuyda