Pre-Professional Pathways

Start your pathway to professional programs at Booth University College. Studying at Booth UC prepares you for the admission requirements at other Canadian institutions. It’s your first step toward programs that aren’t currently offered at Booth UC such as law, education, and nursing. Once you’ve completed 1-4 years of study with us, you’ll be ready to apply for your professional program of choice.  

“The knowledge I gained at Booth UC through the courses, interactions with professors and conversations with fellow students have proven to be essential to my own personal and professional growth. Booth UC cares for the whole student as an individual. I have tried to emulate this in my career as an educator…If you can find an area of passion through Liberal Arts education you will find that learning is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and by extension the people and world around you.”
– Jeff Armstrong (BA/09)
Teacher, Valley Gardens Middle School

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