Certificate in Community Capacity Building

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The Certificate in Community Capacity Building is designed for community leaders who have the motivation and commitment to make a change in their community and who are open to learning new methods to make that change.

Program Overview

Five-Month Certificate Program (not for credit)

This program is open to Salvation Army officers and staff and the public.

Next Run of the Program TBD
Online Zoom Meetings – Tuesdays and Thursdays – 9AM-12PM Central Time

We are looking for community leaders of all sorts: you may be a quiet supporter, always there to move everyone forward. You might be inspiring and charismatic—or seeking your own inspiration. You might even be wondering if a change is possible at all.

It’s our aim that the Certificate in Community Capacity Building will provide you with that answer; give you time to reflect and build deeper relationships with yourself, your community, and the land; and help you move forward the change you’d like to see in the world.

Together, we’ll learn to engage community by sharing our own lived experiences, hearing from guests, and adopting new tools to understand how to build projects and movements.

This program, which we offer in collaboration with community organizations and groups, recognizes the rich learning that occurs in community project work. You will share a virtual classroom with 30 other learners for six hours a week for five months. There you’ll choose, plan, implement, and evaluate a real project that will have a positive impact in your community.

We also recognize that true leadership and community capacity comes from developing our own skills and mindsets. This certificate will offer creative and expressive methods to keep our own learning and reflection a part of the change we’d like to see in the world.

Why this Program?

Throughout this program, you will:

  • Become a more effective community leader by learning the theory and practice of community-engaged work
  • Gain the tools you need to make a positive difference, determine your community’s needs, and build connections with community members 
  • Gain experience that you can easily put into practice and demonstrate as community work in a résumé, portfolio, or school application
  • Plan and implement a project that will serve your community

Who Can Benefit from this Program?

The Certificate in Community Capacity Building is ideal for people who want to expand their skills, share them with others, and make a positive difference in their communities. This includes all community members. We’d like to work alongside you to best support your community and your time in the program.

***You may qualify for a reduction in tuition, based on your needs. Please submit an application for consideration.***


CCB010 Personal Leadership and Identity
What does your personal history bring to your leadership? In this module, you’ll learn about your connection to the land and the histories that have brought us together. You’ll build relationships within and across communities, as you explore identities, learn about human rights, and look at how power and privilege impact relationships. Guided by understanding the systems that impact the development of the individual (systems such as the family, education, health care, legal rights, and cultural attitudes and values), you will explore ways to navigate the environments that we work in as activists, learners, and community members; you will learn ways to find balance in your work; and you will learn to become a more effective community leader.

CCB020 Project Management and Strategy
How do you start planning a community project? In this module, you’ll develop a strategy for your work. You’ll examine foundational questions of community organizing, such as who are my people? what is their problem? what are their assets? You’ll learn about different types of power and your role as both team member and leader in creating the conditions for people to flourish. To guide your next steps, you’ll create your own Theory of Change, a method for planning and evaluating social projects that helps show how change happens.

CCB030 Project Implementation
How can you put theory into practice in your project? Through this module, you’ll implement your community project using the strategy and Theory of Change you have already developed. You’ll create a project timeline, explore planning frameworks, and collaborate with other learners to elicit and offer feedback. To refine your plan, you’ll also consider tools like journey mapping that help you anticipate how others will interact with your project. You’ll also benefit from the support of one another as you create meaningful impact through your projects.

CCB050 Project Evaluation
Evaluation is a powerful tool in community-based work. In this module, you’ll learn how to make replicable projects and processes, so your work can continue beyond your efforts as an individual. As you explore different methods of researching, gathering and presenting data, you’ll prepare an evaluation framework for your project that will help you share your work back with your community.

CCB070 Community and Communication
Community projects need the support of a community. This module prepares you to invite others to join your work. You’ll hear case studies from storytellers and learn how storytelling can communicate shared values. You will also learn tools for fundraising, such as narrative proposals and budgets for grant applications. As you explore communication tools for proposal writing, fundraising and community engagement, you’ll discover how you can share the story of your work in different contexts to inspire and motivate others.

Application Information

Applications are currently closed. Check back for updates on the next run of the program.

In the meantime, you can see what the application questions will be.

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