Certificate in Kroc Center Leadership

The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Centers in the USA present distinct ministry opportunities to develop new models of organization and operation which require qualified and trained leaders. Responding to this need, the USA National Kroc Center Task Force comprised of representatives from the four US territories commenced work on a capacity building approach for Kroc leadership development.

Program Overview

8-Month Certificate Program (12 credit hours)
This program is open to Salvation Army officers and staff only.

This 8-month certificate program will be offered in a cohort structure with 20 students from across the USA. Participants will be identified and approved by their US territory. The certificate includes two five-day intensive courses along with online courses covering specific content focusing on human resources and financial management. A capstone project and practicum experience are included in the program.

Learning Objectives 

At the conclusion of the certificate program of studies, participants will be able to:

1. Leadership Concentration

  • Effectively build/lead a team, using available resources to complete projects and tasks
  • Maintain a calm and objective disposition with others and be able to work towards win-win solutions to problems.
  • Keep appropriate levels of connection and distance in relationships
  • Lead with humility and with the purpose of serving others
  • Plan and implement a clear vision for the future
  • Use new approaches in responding to challenges
  • Help others reach their potential

2. Operations Concentration

  • Demonstrate skills distinctive to large Kroc Center settings in staff supervision/development, complex business/finance operations, fund raising complexities, and facilities/equipment management
  • Demonstrate general knowledge of programming and operations in aquatics, arts/education, health/fitness, sports/recreation, and day camps
  • Demonstrate the ability to think through the complexities in all areas of operations, to prioritize issues, and to implement effective and innovate solutions to problems
  • Demonstrate attention to regular personal emotional health, health and wellness activities, healthy and strong family relationships, and strong and healthy spiritual life through regular prayer, Bible study, and devotions

Hear Captain Tawny Cowen-Zanders, graduate of the Certificate in Kroc Center Leadership, describe the value of the program

(video presentation for MGT285 Kroc Center Certificate Capstone 2017):

Program Requirements 

The Certificate in Kroc Center Leadership is the delivery of a distinctive certificate program for Kroc Center leadership development. The target audience is leaders in Kroc Center environments or those preparing for leadership in Kroc Centers.

The certificate program is comprised of five required courses (12 credit hours), utilizing delivery modes of intensive and online learning.


MGT281 Leadership and Strategy for Kroc Centers (2 credit hours)
This course introduces students to the distinctive culture, purposes, and practices of the Kroc Center and identifies the necessary skills required to provide leadership in such an environment. Students will become acquainted with teamwork principles, group dynamics concepts, conflict management strategies, and the principles of effective strategic planning.

MGT282 Human Resource Management for Kroc Centers (3 credit hours)
This course provides an overview of the underlying philosophy, principles, and practices of effective HR management at Kroc Centers. Students will be equipped with the necessary skills to oversee the effective implementation of practices relating to assessing, hiring, on-boarding, and evaluating employees.

MGT283 Operations and Programs for Kroc Centers (2 credit hours)
This course introduces students to the theory and principles of strategic planning, statistical analysis, finance, and marketing as strategies for program sustainability. Key metrics, technology systems, and infrastructure are addressed. This foundation is applied to Kroc Center operations, the importance of mission, and sustainability of the enterprise.

MGT284 Financial Management for Kroc Centers (3 credit hours)
This course describes the various aspects of financial management in Kroc Centers, including the role of the executive in finance and budget decisions, the purpose of a business plan, and the place of an independent auditor’s report. Students will develop the necessary skills to employ foundational accounting concepts in developing effective funding proposals and implement efficient fundraising strategies.

MGT285 Kroc Center Certificate Capstone (2 credit hours)
The capstone course is designed to apply specific Salvation Army policies and procedures to the general principles provided in the other courses in the certificate program, concluding with a final project relevant to a Kroc Center and a practicum experience designed to relate course learning to a practice setting.

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