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The School for Continuing Studies is Booth University College’s online and distance education provider, offering online, hybrid, and intensive courses; certificate programs; and a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies.

General Inquiries

Email: SCS@BoothUC.ca
Phone: (204) 594-6130
Toll-free: 877-942-6684 x130
Fax: 204-942-3856

School for Continuing Studies Staff

Maria (Mariciel) Nuyda
Dean, School for Continuing Studies
Phone: (204) 594-6139
Toll-free: 877-942-6684 x139

Michael Glowasky
Program Coordinator, School for Continuing Studies
Phone: (204) 924-5614
Toll-free: 877-942-6684 x614

Louis Svenningsen
Instructional Designer, School for Continuing Studies
Phone: (204) 594-6131
Toll-free: 877-942-6684 x131

Kristen McLean
Administrative Assistant, School for Continuing Studies
Phone: (204) 594-6130
Toll-free: 877-942-6684 x130

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Booth University College is proud to offer affordable Christian higher education through our School for Continuing Studies programs.

Textbook List

How to Apply

Check the admissions process for your program of interest. Most programs require that you:

1. Register for a Booth University College account.
2. Choose your program and complete the online application form.
3. Submit supporting documents and the deposit according to the program-specific admissions requirements.