Alumni Spotlight: Lt. Cols (Rtd) Raymond and Audrey Rowe (BA/02) Believe in the Importance of Education

Audrey and Raymond (Ray) Rowe’s connection to Booth University College was greatly influenced in the early 1990s when Dr. Donald Burke visited The Salvation Army’s Training College in Newfoundland and Labrador…and brought a library with him. Audrey’s passion for learning was sparked by that visit. She was encouraged to continue her education, all while fulfilling her Army duties and raising a family. Audrey attended four summers schools at Booth UC and “loved every moment.”

Ray’s connection goes back even further to 1987. At that time, Ray was taking business courses at the Training College, and then-Major Lloyd Heatherington, President of William and Catherine Booth Bible College (WCBC), convinced Ray to take the business management courses offered at WCBC, now Booth UC.

When asked about Booth UC’s impact, Audrey shared that she has always been a lifelong learner and the knowledge gained at Booth UC expanded her horizons. Being at Booth UC introduced her to “wonderful professors” who helped broaden her perspectives in ministry and theology.

Booth UC “had a wonderful impact” on Ray with the opportunity to study under professors like Dr. Jim Read, Dr. Don Burke and Dr. Bob Smith. “To be in a classroom with men and women of great spiritual stature so dedicated to the Lord’s work and the work of The Army instilled in me the desire to grow and mature in my faith and the encouragement to read, study and meditate on the Holy Bible.”

Audrey and Ray have held many TSA roles and positions over the years before retiring in 2009. They have celebrated more than 50 years of marriage after first meeting as cadets at the Training College in Newfoundland and Labrador.


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