Welcome, Booth UC Alumni

Thanks for taking the time to reconnect with Booth University College. As soon as you graduate, you’re a member of our Alumni. We hope you find a sense of community and connection in our alumni group. You’ll get access to special events, publications, free borrowing privileges at our John Fairbank Memorial Library, and opportunities to connect and network. 

Why stay connected to Booth UC?

1. Get the latest news

Receive the Booth UC Connect magazine and the monthly E-News to get the latest news, upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and alumni stories. 

2. Attend special events

We host some spectacular gatherings – and we love to have our alumni there! Check out our list of upcoming events happening on campus.

3. Volunteer 

Take part in campus day visits or other recruitment events, where you can share experiences that’ll help future students succeed. We’d love to have you share information about your program or campus life.  

4. Network 

Get to know other alumni, students, and faculty. You’ll make connections that can help you advance your career, discover opportunities, support others, and make lasting relationships. Connect with us and our community on social media to learn more.

5. Make a difference

Our alumni community is integral to our success. Sharing your positive experiences, recommending Booth UC to others, taking part in surveys or focus groups that influence our future direction, or making a financial contribution of any size will make a difference for current and future students.

Request a Transcript

To have an official transcript mailed to another school or employer, contact the Registrar’s Office or complete the form to request a transcript.

Donate to Booth UC

Every contribution, of any size, helps support our school and our students. Learn about our Featured Giving Opportunities

Contact Us

For more information about alumni involvement, contact our Development Coordinator. 

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