Meet Matthew Gooch

Meet Matthew Gooch


To know Matthew Gooch is to know what loving life and bringing purpose to the world is all about. A leader and an advocate, he was always a smiling, positive force in Booth UC’s close-knit community. As a student ambassador, he would proudly boast the benefits of a faith-filled education that broadened his worldview and inspired him to make a difference in the world. As a graduate, he is as passionate about his future in social work as he is about his Booth UC experience! To Matthew, Booth’s size and faculty were central to his success.

“I received my first degree at a large public institution. I really was just a number there. At Booth UC, even when I walked in the front door after being accepted the receptionist knew my name. I thought – wow, this is different! And that personal touch was consistent through my entire four years,” he said.

Reflecting on convocation, Matthew said his graduation was an absolute eye-opener for his friends and family, who were surprised by the warmth and closeness that faculty and staff had with the graduates.

“It really caught them off guard when they heard my Dean call me by name as we walked down the hallway. After convocation, the President came up to me when I was with my parents and thanked me for being a student at Booth, and for working hard. Then he thanked my parents. I can’t even begin to put into words how very touched they were.”

Matthew said he left Booth UC as a confident graduate who was ready for his career. He is currently employed as a family enhancement worker with Animikii Ozoson Child and Family Services.