“Bidden or Unbidden, God is Present”

“Bidden or Unbidden, God is Present”

May 20, 2020

On Friday past I announced this year’s recipient of the General’s Medal, and it drew my thoughts again to all of our 2020 graduates. The song printed below was intended to be the closing song of our Convocation service on April 26 as we sent our new graduates out from our campus community. It is just as relevant for each of us as we consider the need to act across boundaries to create a shared future in our world, and to be agents of hope, social justice and mercy in the name of Jesus. The song is both a prayer and a call to act. For those who may be interested, the melody “Praise My Soul the King of Heaven” works well with these words.

For the Healing of the Nations (Frederik Herman Kaan)

For the healing of the nations,
Lord, we pray with one accord,
For a just and equal sharing
Of the things that earth affords.
To a life of love in action
Help us rise and pledge our word.

Lead us forward into freedom,
From despair your world release,
That, redeemed from war and hatred,
All may come and go in peace.
Show us how through care and goodness
Fear will die and hope increase.

All that kills abundant living,
Let it from the earth be banned:
Pride of status, race or schooling,
Dogmas that obscure your plan.
In our common quest for justice
May we hallow life’s brief span.

You, Creator-God, have written
Your great name on humankind;
For our growing in your likeness
Bring the life of Christ to mind;
That by our response and service
Earth its destiny may find.

God bless you.

Dr. Marjory Kerr