Booth UC Statement in Response to the Tragedy in New Zealand

Booth UC Statement in Response to the Tragedy in New Zealand

March 15, 2019

Just over two years ago we mourned for those who were killed, harmed and impacted by the attack on a mosque in Quebec City. This past fall we grieved for those who were were victims of the attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh and yesterday we learned of an attack on two mosques in New Zealand. Tragedies like these continue to occur and there are many other examples.

As news of this latest attack unfolds, three of our faculty are attending a conference called Striving for Human Dignity – Race, Class, Gender and Religion, a Canadian Conversation. This is organized and put on by Islamic Social Services Association – one of Booth University College’s placement agency partners here in Winnipeg.

This morning we want to reaffirm our statement from two years ago: Booth University College believes in the dignity and inherent value of every person. We are concerned when broad groups of people are categorized and targeted on the basis of faith, culture, ethnicity or race. As a Christian university college, we strive to bring hope, social justice and mercy to all conversations and to engage with others in ways that exemplify the love of Christ. We recognize our call and responsibility as a Christian academic community to stand in support of all who are impacted by this tragedy, and believe it is through dialogue and understanding that differences can be resolved and peaceful communities sustained.

We are privileged to have among our student body individuals representing the breadth of faith traditions and practices. May we demonstrate in practical ways our support for them during times like this, and during all of their interactions with Booth UC. And let us be mindful of our faculty attending the conference today as they engage in dialogue intended to bring hope, social justice and mercy for every person.