Meet the ALC Staff

Meet the ALC Staff

ALC Staff  (Sept 2018- Feb 2019)

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Darla, ALC Coordinator

Darla brings a very wide range of experiences and expertise. If you are unsure of exactly the help you need, she will help you figure it out! She loves helping the planning & organizing stages of essays for any course, but is especially helpful with English Writing and Religion courses. 

2019-2020 ALC Tutors 

Alina  (2nd Year Political Science @ U of W)

Alyssa (5th Year Education – English & Psychology @ U of W)

Chelsey (4th Year Applied Psychology & English @ BOOTH UC)

Jodi (2nd Year Social Work @ BOOTH UC)

Julia (4th Year Social Work @ BOOTH UC)

Marianne (2nd Year Psychology @ BOOTH UC)

Stacey (4th Year Behavioural Sciences & English @ BOOTH UC)

Zach (4th Year Business Administration – Marketing & Communications @ BOOTH UC)