Explore Booth

Explore Booth

Technology to improve your learning environment

The latest technology in our Petersen Hall classrooms will enrich your education by better capturing your attention and imagination while improving your quality of learning:

  • Large screen displays for enhanced interactivity
  • Enhanced sound and high-definition video
  • Capability for video and audio recordings of lectures and classes so they can be made available online for later review
  • Increased opportunity to bring in guest speakers from around the world

Welcome to Booth University College

Located in downtown Winnipeg, MB (Canada), Booth University College’s campus is a combination of historic and modern. The main campus, which also includes our residence hall, is a warm and inviting seven-story building. Just a few minutes from our front doors, located in a low-rise heritage building, you’ll find our much-loved John Fairbank Memorial Library and our Petersen Hall space, which is home to our School of Business and School for Continuing Studies.


At Booth University College, our size makes it easy for you to feel relaxed, safe and welcome. You’ll quickly find your way around, make friends and get to know your professors. We pride ourselves in helping our students feel comfortable. Whether you choose to live on campus or commute – you will feel at ease just walking through our front doors!


  • Personalized attention from the moment you walk through our doors
  • Safe and secure campus and residence halls
  • Valuable course content to support an excellent education
  • Caring, supportive faculty
  • Knowledgeable, helpful academic advisors
  • Quality student support services
  • Scholarship opportunities that increase in value with good grades
  • Our graduates are inspired and they get hired