Student Council

Student Council

Congratulations to our 2019/2020 Student Council

Elected members are:

  • Mikayla Conci, President
  • Stephanie Sowa-Rajotte, VP Activities
  • Alexis Hewines, VP Communications
  • Fahra Bey Neufeld, Commuter Student Representative
  • Yuli Johnson, Graduating Student Representative
  • Jayden Castelli, Residence Student Representative
  • Elshika Nathali, International Student Representative
  • Akinola Yinka Samuel, 1st Year Representative
  • Jaylese Dziadek, 1st Year Representative
  • Sheila Hewines, Secretary

Here’s how you can get involved and stay up to date with the Booth UC Student Council:

If you want to better understand how the Booth UC Student Council functions, check out our Constitution and By-Laws.

Learn more about the first ever student council at Booth UC.

Additional Student Governance positions.