Student Council History

Student Council History


If you were to walk into Booth UC in early March 2018, you would have noticed something different about the atmosphere around campus. With posters plastered on the walls and students buzzing with excitement, the first Booth University College Student Council campaigns were well underway. Candidates had the opportunity to share their vision for enhancing the student experience by giving speeches to fellow students, an event that had an impressive turnout. Then, students had the chance to cast their vote for people who they thought would positively impact their experience at Booth UC. We saw half of the eligible student community come through our polling stations in just three days – something we consider to be a massive victory for student engagement.

A group of seven students were elected to serve on the Student Council.

Our 2018/2019 elected members were:

  • Julia Thorne, President
  • Caitlyn Gillingham, VP Activities
  • Zachary Marshall, VP Communications
  • Joshwill Tampai, VP Operations
  • Yuly Johnson, Commuter Student Representative
  • Japhlet Lolo, International Student Representative
  • Delaney Killam, Residence Student Representative

And we added three more members in the fall of 2018.

We are a diverse group of people. Half of us have participated in organized student government before, and for others, it is their very first time. Our members come from around the world. We have representation from Manitoba, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as Columbia, Kenya, and Indonesia. We have students who are entering their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year of studies at Booth UC. Needless to say, diversity will be our strength as we navigate how to best serve the student community.

We have a mandate to foster a vibrant, engaged, and connected Booth UC student community. Since the winners of the election were announced on March 19, we have gotten to work planning for the upcoming year. In consultation with the former members of the Student Life Committee, the precursor of the Student Council, we have created a tentative calendar of events and an operating budget for the upcoming year. Each member of the student council offers a unique perspective and fresh insights into the role an organized student government plays in creating a positive student experience.

We have devised a list of our five top priorities heading into the upcoming year: engaging the student community, reaching out into the broader community, improving spiritual life and emotional support, effectively communicating with students, and facilitating special projects. We believe that we offer something valuable for each member of the student community and that together we will create something special.

Being a member of the first-ever Booth University College Student Council is a huge honour for everyone, and the responsibilities that go with the positions are not lost on us. We are confident in our ability to achieve our goals in the next year and are looking forward to affecting change in our community.