March 24, 2020

Booth UC continues to support the health and safety of all Students, Faculty and Staff as we work in partnership with public health officials with regards to COVID-19.  The Crisis Management Team continues to meet regularly.

We have been working diligently to respond to this constantly changing situation.

As of Monday, March 23, 2020, all employees (Faculty and Staff) except those in the departments listed below (essential services) are working from home until further notice. At this time, there is at least one person from the following departments on campus during regular working hours Monday – Friday:

  • Facilities
  • Hospitality
  • Student Services
  • Front Desk
  • Library

There will also be one Booth UC Cabinet member on campus during regular work hours Monday-Friday. 

Any Employee (Faculty or Staff) needing to pick up something from their office must contact their supervisor to arrange their visit.

The building at 290 Vaughan is now closed. At this time, the library remains open for students to access materials only. However, students wishing to come to the library should call 204-924-4858 as soon as possible so that FOB access can be provided.

The Waldron Building is closed as well. Students needing to pick up something from a locker can do so between the hours of 8:00- 4:00 until Friday, March 27, 2020. After this date, all fob access to the building will be disabled. Students, including graduating students, DO NOT need to return their fobs at this time.


As a reminder:

There will be no in-person final examinations held for any courses offered in the Winter 2020 term.  All assessments will be completed by alternative means. Instructors have the latitude and responsibility to adjust assessments as they deem most suitable and appropriate (i.e., online tests, take-home tests, new assignments, adjusted weightings of completed assessments, etc.) and to communicate these changes promptly to students and their School Directors. The current exam period (April 13 to 20, 2020) will be maintained to provide a dedicated period within which online examinations may be scheduled.

We have extended the Voluntary Withdraw Period until the last day of classes (April 9th, 2020), allowing students to withdraw from courses without academic penalty. Students who want to VW from a course should contact the Registrar’s office as soon as possible.  

Please note that phone calls to Booth UC may take a little longer to be returned. Presently, email is the best form of communication.

The May 2020 intensive courses will be held online. The School for Continuing Studies continues to work with instructors regarding the May and August 2020 intensive courses and will be in contact with students about any possible cancellations or changes in delivery.


A sub-committee of the Crisis Management Team has met with residential students and has provided policies and procedures for those remaining in residence to support their safety.

Financial implications for residential students will be provided by end of day Wednesday, March 25, 2020.

We have hired extra cleaning staff, increased the frequency of cleaning and increased the availability of disinfecting supplies to all remaining residential students. 


The Employee Care Committee along with Student Services will be working to provide community care to employees and students.  


We will update the website and send bulletins to the Booth UC Community as new information and initiatives are available.

Understanding the situation is ever-changing, any general questions not addressed here can be directed to

We recognize that these are difficult times and may be stressful.  We encourage you to practice self-care.  Students can use the MySSP App for support and employees can access EAP services.  Booth UC’s Spiritual Formation Coordinator, Tim Plett is available for additional support. Please contact him via email at or call 1-204-232-4574.


World Health Organization:

Public Health Agency of Canada:

Manitoba Health

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Health Links – please call 204-788-8200 or toll-free 1-888-315-9257