October 14, 2020

We have now entered Phase 4 of the re-opening plan, organizing and planning for the Winter term.

All employees and students are required to wear a face mask in all common and/or shared spaces. This means anywhere outside of offices/classrooms/meeting rooms. Masks may be removed in offices/classrooms/meeting rooms where social distancing guidelines are being maintained.

The following requirements are now in place:

  • Training workshop for all employees and students
  • Rotating work schedules
  • An ample supply of recommended PPE available
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing supplies available for use
  • Fixed property distancing equipment/signs installed (floor markers, signs, plexiglass shields, sanitizing stations, touchless garbage cans)

Booth UC will be closed to the public for the winter term, except by appointment with a specific individual or department for a Booth related reason. 

Anyone coming to campus (staff, faculty, students and visitors) will be required to complete a self-screening declaration before entering and must adhere to social distancing guidelines posted throughout campus. 

Commuting students should only be on campus if they have a scheduled class, appointment, or are accessing the library.

All employees and students must abstain from stigmatizing others.   Stigma hurts everyone by creating more fear or anger instead of focusing on the disease. Stigma can also make people more likely to hide symptoms or illness and keep them from seeking healthcare.   Stigma can make it more difficult to control the spread of an outbreak. This includes passing judgment on individuals becoming ill, staying home, seeking testing, and returning to campus following an illness.


Fall Term Exams/Winter Term Delivery

  • All fall term exams will be virtual. Students requiring accommodations should contact Accessibility Services.
  • The winter term will be delivered virtually in the time slots assigned. All courses which would normally be instructed face to face will be delivered virtually.  Some instructors may also provide in-class delivery following all government directives regarding social distancing and maximum number of students allowed, and will inform their classes.
  • For students that may not be in Winnipeg or cannot come to campus, the virtual option will be available for all courses.   
  • Faculty office hours will be virtual only.
  • The Field Education Coordinator has been securing placements and working with agencies to ensure student safety. 


  • The library is open to Booth UC students, including cadets, Booth UC employees, including sessional faculty and CFOT Officers.
  • All persons entering the Library much swipe the fob at the entrance for tracking purposes.
  • Social distancing will be maintained. 
  • Library computers will be separated throughout the library, to allow the recommended 6 feet distancing guideline. 

School for Continuing Studies

  • Booth UC has increased the number of online courses through the School for Continuing Studies to give students more options. These are fully online, asynchronous courses.


Commuter Students

  • The following system is now in place to ensure that students are safe to come to campus and to track who is on campus each day for the purpose of contact tracing in the event of an outbreak.
    • Commuter students who wish to come to campus will be required to use their fob to access campus buildings (ie. Waldron Bldg, Peterson Hall, Library).
    • By fobbing, the student is declaring they have completed the MB self-screening tool and are safe to come to campus. https://sharedhealthmb.ca/covid19/screening-tool/


  1. All residence students must complete the MB self-screening tool prior to leaving their floor. https://sharedhealthmb.ca/covid19/screening-tool/
  2. All four floors will continue to be utilized.  Students access to floors other than their own will be determined by the MB Provincial Response Level at any given time. No visitors are allowed.
  3. The residence community kitchen will be closed, and the Bistro will provide 2 meals 7 days/week.  The Bistro will provide weekend meals with no additional cost to the food plan.
  4. Students traveling outside the province of MB for Christmas break or anytime during the winter term will be required to self-quarantine for two weeks upon their return and attend all their classes virtually during the quarantine period.
  5. Students will be permitted to remain in residence over Christmas and charged at the regular room rate. Meal provision will be determined once a definite number of students living in residence over the Christmas Break is known.
  6. Each residence student will be provided one reusable face mask at no cost.
  7. Shared spaces will be managed using the practice of social bubbles or cohorts within their floor group. 

International Students

  1. International students arriving to study at Booth UC for the winter term must adhere to the Booth UC Safe Arrival Plan that has been put into place in accordance with the directives from the federal government for international students coming to Canada. It is imperative that all incoming international students follow the guidance of our safe arrival protocols carefully.


  • New Student Orientation will be conducted through an on-line course in Populi in January.
  • Student programming and events will be done virtually.  
  • The Academic Learning Centre will continue to run virtually, including appointments and workshops.
  • Virtual ‘drop-in’ times have been set up to encourage student interaction with Student Services staff, as well as interaction with other students. This includes a ‘Virtual Front Desk’ and ‘Hallway Chatter’ sessions set up through zoom.
  • Personal/Mental Health supports will be provided virtually where possible. Students are encouraged to use the My Student Support Program app to access counselling services virtually.
  • Booth UC Community gatherings will continue through pre-recorded video and audio reflections posted through the Booth UC YouTube channel and shared via social media.


  • The Bistro is now open for pickup.  Delivery within the Waldron building, to 290 Vaughan and neighboring colleagues will continue to be available.    
  • Employees will have the options of having a declining balance within the Bistro or paying over the phone by credit card as well as paying at the till at pickup.
  • Booth University College will not be accepting any outside rental groups during the winter term. 


  • The following system is in place to ensure that employees are safe to come to work and to track who is on campus each day for the purpose of contact tracing in the event of an outbreak.
  • Plexiglass shields have been installed, where needed, to allow work to continue where distancing may be difficult.
  • Hand sanitizing stations have been placed at the main entrance and strategic locations throughout the institution.
  • Disinfecting / Cleaning of the facilities have been increased.
  • Common spaces remain closed.
  • Signage has been provided to direct students and employees to endure provincial directives on social distancing are met.
  • Booth UC has installed MERV 13 filters in our ventilation system.
  • Classrooms/meeting rooms for any in-person classes/meetings are set up to accommodate social distancing guidelines.  Chairs and tables must NOT be moved without permission.  Please contact facilities if you require a different setup.


We will update the BoothUC.ca website, post to social media and send bulletins to the Booth UC Community as new information and initiatives are available.

Understanding the situation is ever-changing, any general questions not addressed here can be directed to communications@boothuc.ca.