Convocation at Booth University College

Convocation at Booth University College

Important Dates to Remember

November: Application for Graduation form and fee due.
February: Information session and lunch to discuss Convocation.
March: Convocation reply form due.
April: The Friday before the Convocation ceremony, graduates pick up their regalia from Booth University College between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. There will also be a rehearsal at 1:00 p.m. at Knox United Church, 400 Edmonton Street.



Prior to the afternoon spring Convocation ceremony in April, Booth University College holds a 10:30 a.m. Baccalaureate Service in our Clifford Hetherington Chapel, located on the second floor of our main Winnipeg campus at 447 Webb Place. This morning service is immediately followed by a lunch on campus for all attendees. Please note that this event requires an RSVP to:

Phone: (204) 594-6136

The Convocation ceremony then takes place at 3:00 p.m. at Knox United Church, which is located a few minutes from our main campus (walking distance), at 400 Edmonton Street. A reception is held immediately following the ceremony in the gymnasium of Booth University College. No RSVP is required.



April 24, 2020, @ 1:00 pm: Rehearsal at Knox United Church, 400 Edmonton Street
April 26, 2020, @ 10:30 am: Baccalaureate Service at Booth UC in Hetherington Chapel
April 26, 2020, following the Baccalaureate Service: Lunch for those who attend the morning service
April 26, 2020, @ 3:00 pm: Convocation and Conferral of Degrees at Knox United Church
April 26, 2020, following Convocation: Reception at Booth UC in the gym


An invitation to the Baccalaureate Service and Convocation Ceremony usually goes out in March. Each graduate will also receive five invitations and envelopes to share with family and friends. These are given more as memorabilia since an invitation is not required to attend the Baccalaureate Service or Convocation ceremony.


The Baccalaureate Service is a tradition dating back to medieval times that incorporates the custom of presenting the candidates for the degree of bachelor (bacci) with the laurels (lauri) of sermonic oration. Legend states that the Baccalaureate ceremony can be traced as far back as a statute dated 1432 at Oxford University that required each bachelor degree candidate to deliver a sermon in Latin as part of his academic exercise. Because the earliest institutions of higher learning in North America were founded primarily to educate clergy, the British practice of a Baccalaureate Service has continued. At Booth University College the Baccalaureate Service is an opportunity for the university college community to gather together in worship to honour its graduands and to confirm their commitment to a lifetime of service.

Act of Thanksgiving:
During the Baccalaureate Service, graduating students will be invited to take a couple of carnations from the front of the Chapel and give them to individuals who have provided exemplary support to them during their time at Booth University College. As you get closer to Convocation, spend some time thinking about who played a significant role in your education and who you might give your rose(s) to. A family member or friend? A Booth University College faculty or staff member? A fellow classmate? Enjoy this special moment – one of the most memorable parts of the day!

Lunch and Formal Photographs:
Following the Baccalaureate Service, all attendees are invited to attend a lunch in Classroom D. Following lunch, there will be a formal photography session in Clifford Hetherington Chapel, where graduates will take formal group photos in their graduation gown, hood and cap along with Booth University College’s Board of Trustees, President, Academic Dean, and special guests. Families and friends are welcome to take their own photos as well.


The custom of the academic dress (regalia) worn by members of the academic procession and by the graduands has a long and honoured tradition. Most institutions, including Booth University College, follow the British tradition using the Oxford gown as the model. This dates back to medieval times when the attire had a practical as well as an academic function; that is, to keep the scholars warm in the cool, damp halls of learning.

The basic components of academic dress include a gown, a hood (worn over the shoulders), and a cap or ‘mortarboard’. The variety of colours indicates the particular institution attended and/or degrees earned by the participants. The outer trim of the hood usually indicates the field of study (white for Arts, red for Theology, etc.), while the inner lining of the hood usually indicates the colours of the institution granting the degree.

The outer trim of Booth University College hoods is white for the Bachelor of Arts degrees and chamois for the Bachelor of Social Work. The inner lining follows Booth University College’s colours which are Red, Yellow and Blue. Current degree graduates have the Graduation Year Pendant on their Booth University College tri-colour tassels.

The width of the trim on the hood also indicates the level of degree – Bachelor, Master, or Doctor – from narrower to wider respectively. The outer trim for Booth University College’s three year Bachelor of Arts degree program is, therefore, narrower than that of the four year Bachelor of Arts degree program. The style of gown, likewise, indicates the level of the degree achieved. The style of the cap is often unique to the degree or to the educational institution.


In October / November prior to April graduation, Booth University College students will be notified about renting their academic regalia (gown, cap and hood) when the registrar’s office sends them an application for graduation. There is a $75 fee associated with this application, which includes the rental costs for the regalia.


On Convocation day, graduates are asked to arrive at Knox United Church by 2:15 p.m. to line up for the academic procession. Graduates will wear their gown and cap and will carry their hood into the church during the procession.

Immediately following the ceremony, and prior to the reception, graduates will be required to return their regalia at Booth University College.


Booth University College hires a professional photographer and videographer to take pictures and video during the Convocation ceremony, but our graduates and their family and friends are welcome to take pictures and videos as well. Graduates can also book a private 15-minute session with the photographer to take graduation portraits. The photographer will take as many photos as you like within those 15 minutes, and will provide you with a CD of all photos. Family and friends are welcome to join you at this private session. Information about this opportunity is sent out to graduates in March.

An album of the photographer’s photos will be available on the Booth UC Facebook page about a week or so following convocation. The video will be posted on the Booth UC YouTube channel a few weeks following graduation.