Cameron Eggie, School for Continuing Studies Grad x2

Cameron Eggie, School for Continuing Studies Grad x2

Cameron Eggie is the executive director of The Salvation Army’s Northern Centre of Hope in Fort St. John, B.C., where he serves along with his wife, Tatjana. And, he also an alumnus of Booth UC’s School for Continuing Studies. We caught up with Cameron to ask about his time at Booth UC and how his studies helped with his ministry.

What did you study at Booth UC and why did you choose to study here?

I took the Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care Program and the Not-for-profit Management Program. Booth UC was presented to me by an officer who was mentoring me into chaplaincy. I investigated the School for Continuing Studies and felt that it would be the best option for me. Especially considering my desire to grow within The Salvation Army as a young leader. I paused my studies in Social Work at the University of the Fraser Valley to pursue Booth UC.

Cameron Eggie (CCSC/16)

When you think about your time as a student at Booth UC, what are some highlights that come to mind?

I really enjoyed learning through Booth UC. The two programs I took, in particular, were very easy to apply to our daily work within TSA. The learning was meaningful and often taught by folks who were very knowledgeable about [The Salvation Army’s] culture and programs. Highlights for me were connecting with colleagues from around Canada, building friendships and connections that have remained after years, and visiting Winnipeg for the intensives; it’s my hometown, so that helps.

How has your Booth UC education impacted your ministry? And other areas of your life?

Booth UC has given me real-time, relevant training making me a more confident and efficient leader. It also helped to make The Salvation Army world smaller, by connecting me with so many other leaders. It has created a support network that has wonderful benefits, both professionally and personally. It has also impacted my life in that I was invited back to lead the Not-for-profit Capstone program. I just completed my second year as a sessional instructor and I feel very privileged to have been trusted with the responsibility to lead a new group of leader students through the program.

What do you value most about Booth UC?

I most value the connectedness of studying at BUC. The TSA offers a culture unlike any I’ve been apart of. The staff genuinely care about the success and progress of each student and that comes from a desire to see our mission progress around the country and around the world.