Education & Ministry: Reflections from Commissioner Rosalie Peddle

Education & Ministry: Reflections from Commissioner Rosalie Peddle

For many young people, the move to post-secondary education after high school is a natural transition. Mature learners, on the other hand, often come from a variety of situations, with some having not set foot in a classroom for many years. It can be intimidating to take that step back into academics, never mind with a full-time job and family responsibilities. Commissioner Rosalie Peddle decided to do just that in 2003 when she began a degree program in Biblical and Theological Studies at Booth University College.

“Making this life-changing decision meant juggling my many roles and getting support from my family, colleagues and co-workers. It was a goal I needed to set for myself personally and I was determined to achieve it,” she explains.

Commissioner Rosalie Peddle

At the time, General and Commissioner Peddle were the Divisional Leaders for the Maritimes Division in Canada. Juggling ministry responsibilities and keeping priorities in a healthy rhythm was not always easy. “We spent hours in the car driving to various Salvation Army locations. I remember I bought my husband a real good set of earphones so he could listen to music or the news while I read my course materials for all those hours.”

As Commissioner Peddle further describes, her education from Booth UC made a huge impact on the ministries she was actively working with at the time, and beyond, particularly her focus on women’s ministries. “I see women’s personal development and education through different eyes now. I’m challenged and interested and disturbed in parts of our world where women do not have access to education…my [studies at Booth UC] impacted my life and set my heart on fire. I want to empower women, not just in The Salvation Army but around the world.”

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