Counsellors’ Coffee Break

Calling all high school educators and Salvationist youth leaders! Join us on Tuesday, October 4, 2022 at 10 am CT for a one-hour virtual event on YouTube live. Your keynote speaker will be Booth UC alum Marion Cooper (BASW/92), CEO of the Canadian Mental Health Association of Winnipeg and Manitoba. She will be speaking on the topic " “Care for All in Education: Strategies for Promoting the Mental Health and Well-Being of our Education Sector Workforce” You will also meet the President, along with the

Corporate Learning Academy Launch Party

Booth Bistro

Join us to celebrate the launch of our Corporate Learning Academy. The event will be held in person in the Booth UC Bistro, as well as on YouTube Live.  

Toolkit Talk with Dr. Carminia Edralin-Davidsohn

Zoom Webinar

        Dr. Carminia EdralinDavidsohn presents Rooted in Faith, Transformed in Service: The Journey Forward as We Rise Over the Pandemic During the past two years, the Covid pandemic unearthed a few things to be worked on as a collective. As the world changed so drastically, we discovered our strengths and weaknesses more than ever. This talk highlights the gifts of Covid to us and all of humanity; how our faith and courage to journey forward have become our roots so we can


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