Faculty Profile: Director of Library Services, Meagan Morash

Tell us a bit about your background

My whole family are information magpies; we love to collect and store all kinds of information on any topic we come across. Family trivia games are fierce! In Grade 9, I carefully considered all the things I loved and my strengths and decided, “Hmm, I think Librarian is the way to go.” I got my first job in the Saskatoon Public Library’s children’s department at age 16 and have never looked back. I completed a Bachelor of Education with a minor in Teacher Librarianship. I worked in the public school system in Saskatchewan for five years and then continued on to my Master’s at McGill University in Montreal, where
I got to indulge myself in my love of old books and history in the Rare Book Room. From McGill, I came to
Booth UC and the rest is history, as they say.

How do the students at Booth UC inspire you?

Every year, I watch the students persevere in so many ways. They face challenges inside and outside of their classes, schoolwork, home life, work life. They are so resilient and creative. I get to watch their understanding of concepts, issues, and dynamics get deeper and more complex each year.

What gives you inspiration/motivation in your field?

When students come to us with difficult or unique research topics. Remember: information magpie. I love
learning, and sometimes a topic is new to me and I get to delve into it with or for a student.

How does your research/teaching help Education for a Better World?

Information used to be scarce. There were only a handful of places you could go to get good information. Technology has brought more information than we can ever use to our fingertips, but we need to learn how to sift through what’s merely bright and shiny to find what is solid and true. My role is to show students how to find evidence-based solutions, to look at all sides of an issue, to critically assess what they find in print and online, and to be persuasive and grounded in what they say and do. That will hopefully enable them to become the most positive force

Outside of your work at Booth UC, what are you interested in?

I live in the woods outside of Winnipeg with my husband, one dog and three cats. You’ll usually find me gardening and chopping trees in summer, hiking and walking any time of the year and, of course, reading, usually mystery and sci-fi/fantasy. I’m a big believer in volunteering and have volunteered recording books for the blind, manning a booth at Folk Fest and working with strays at a local animal shelter.


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