Introducing Julia Ginter, Social Work Student and Scholarship Recipient

At Booth University College, we strive to make a high-quality education as affordable as possible through programs that recognize and reward students. We asked a few of our scholarship recipients, including Julia Ginter, what this meant for them.

Why did you choose Booth UC?

I chose Booth UC because of its connections with other universities and the excellent practicum placements they arrange for students. I decided Booth UC would be able to help me finish my program earlier than other universities while still giving me a quality education taught by accredited professors. The school is located in the heart of downtown Winnipeg and has given me the opportunity to be surrounded by all types of social work students, and explore the culture of the downtown area. Booth UC accommodates its students with many services and has a wide outreach to international, provincial, and communal programs with its Salvation Army team.

How does the scholarship/award you received impact your life and/or your studies?

Receiving the Transfer Student Scholarship helped build my confidence as a new student coming to Booth UC. I felt confident that my hard work was paying off, and others had seen potential in my work ethic. My confidence has continued to build throughout the semester as I progressed through my classes and learned more about Booth UC’s intentions as a Christian university. It makes me grateful to be a part of a Christian university that rewards potential and specializes in scholarships to accommodate international, transfer, and new students’ needs.

How do you plan on using your “Education for a Better World”? 

I plan to graduate with my bachelor’s in social work in 2024 and continue my education to get my master’s in social work in the future. I hope to enter a clinical setting after I graduate and work with clients who need help with addictive tendencies, grief, or mental health counseling. My goal is to use my education to empower clients to use their voices to better themselves and others. I hope to maintain this goal by following the CASW code of ethics, continually building skillsets through consistent training, and improving research skills and methods by questioning orthodox and post-structuralist belief systems to create a holistic practice.


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