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Publications by Faculty and Staff are an important part of the academic rigour and vibrancy of Booth University College.


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Faculty Research Interests and Publications Report

“In my final year at Booth University College, I had the opportunity to work with Dr. James Cresswell as the editorial assistant on Dialogue and Debate in the Making of Theoretical Psychology (Captus University Publications). What an incredible experience. There were many different responsibilities and opportunities with this position, but the most interesting and rewarding aspect was communicating with Ph.D. and Ph.D. candidates from around the world. Great satisfaction seeing my name in print after all that hard work!”

– Herta Neufeld,
2015 Bachelor of Behavioural Sciences graduate (with distinction)

We encourage a culture of research at Booth University College, placing our faculty and students on the leading edge of learning. Faculty members in the Arts and Sciences engage in research and present the results in academic forums and publications. Faculty members in the professional disciplines are engaged in advancing knowledge in their disciplines in ways appropriate to their areas of expertise. This creative energy also finds its way into classroom discussions and student-generated research. Students at Booth University College are also provided with opportunities to work with some professors in their on-going research – something usually only offered at graduate levels. View the most current report: