Meet Kaylyn Edel, a Booth UC Scholarship Recipient

At Booth University College, we strive to make a high-quality education as affordable as possible through programs that recognize and reward students. We asked a few of our scholarship recipients, including Kaylyn Edel, about what this meant for them.

Why did you choose Booth UC?

I choose Booth UC for many reasons; I have many family members and friends who have graduated from the school. I was very interested in the direct entry to the Social Work program that I worked hard to get into! Most importantly, I wanted to enroll here because of the small classes and more personal feel, being able to talk to the professors and engage in a conversation with the other students. 

How does the scholarship you received impact your life and/or your studies?

The scholarship impacts my studies greatly, I really wanted to pursue my dreams at Booth UC and being granted this scholarship was so amazing! I have been working 2 jobs and saving all through university to pay for all my studies by myself and to be able to do that was very heartwarming.

How do you plan on using your “Education for a Better World”?

I plan on using my “Education for a Better World” in helping the young and old succeed in life, by helping them every step of the way, through the bad and through the good. Helping people have a good fulfilling, safe and happy life is my goal, and that is a goal I plan to keep on working at every day.  


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