Meet Kevin Rop, a Booth UC Scholarship Recipient

At Booth University College, we strive to make a high-quality education as affordable as possible through programs that recognize and reward students. We asked a few of our scholarship recipients, including Kevin Rop, about what this meant for them.

Why did you choose Booth UC? 

Moving to a new country far from family, friends and all ties built over the years can be challenging and I needed to be at a place where I could quickly establish new ties and feel at home. Booth UC was an easy choice as it is affiliated with the Salvation Army where I am confident, I could feel at home. I knew I would not only grow intellectually but also spiritually. It is the sense of community and the support I received from the admissions office from the first email I sent, that helped me affirm my decision. The wonderful admissions team played a big role in helping me meet minimum requirements to join Booth UC. They went above and beyond every time I contacted them.  

Besides that, I had studied at a big school in my home country, and I knew that studying at Booth UC would work well with my learning style as the college offers smaller classes where the instructor-to-student ratio is smaller. I have also been intrigued by the diversity at Booth UC Residence and the kindness from everyone I have interacted with.  

How does the scholarship/award you received impact your life and/or your studies? 

As I reflect on how the scholarships I have received impact my life, I would like to first express my immeasurable gratitude to the donors of the fund for their generosity. Through their giving, the donors have expressed their will to walk with students through their journey to attain “education for a better world.”  

Personally, receiving this scholarship is of immense importance as it puts time in my hands and takes away anxiety from my mind as I do not have to worry about finances all the time. It enables me to focus on my studies and how to pay it forward by contributing positively to society with an aim to make it a better place. With the Abara Scholarship and Awards, I am reminded of the kindness of the founders and challenged to excel in every sphere of life. 

How do you plan on using your “Education for a Better World”? 

It has always been my intention to use my education to transform my immediate society and enable every person to excel in life. I have always hoped to contribute positively to pull people out of the depths of despair and give them a sense of hope in life. I intend to contribute actively to my community back in Kenya to not only help young people access opportunities but to also challenge its leadership to prioritize policies that bring about upward mobility for the majority of the population that is living in poverty. I hope and pray that I will be able to go out there and serve others faithfully.  


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