Meet Larissa van Deursen, a Booth UC Scholarship Recipient

At Booth University College, we strive to make a high-quality education as affordable as possible through programs that recognize and reward students. We asked a few of our scholarship recipients, including Larissa van Deursen, about what this meant for them.

Why did you choose Booth UC

I choose Booth University College because of the school environment and the programs they offer. Booth UC has a very friendly Christian environment which is beneficial for someone who grew up attending church. From the professors to the other staff, everyone is very welcoming and is always available to help. I also chose Booth UC because of the social work program they offer. Booth UC offers a strong social work program that allows for many hands-on opportunities, which is very beneficial for my future career as a social worker.

How does the scholarship and award you received impact your life/studies?

The scholarship/ award that I received this year from Booth UC significantly impacted my life and studies. For most university students, school gets very expensive, and sometimes it is stressful to think of how you will pay for it. For me, this scholarship took a lot of that stress from my shoulders, and it was very beneficial for paying for school this year.

How do you plan on using your “Education for a Better World?”

I plan on using my education for a better world by taking the skills I will learn through my program into my future career, and hopefully making an impact in the profession I am in. As I’m in the social work program, I will be able to use my education and skills to help people around me and have an impact on their lives. I plan on using my education for a better world by making even minor impacts in people’s lives around me and continuing to help everyone I can.


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