Our Next Earl Robinson Memorial Lecture with Dr. Rebecca Carter-Chand

On February 23 at 7pm (CST) Dr. Rebecca Carter-Chand will present her lecture Historical Perspectives on War and Peace in The Salvation Army.

This lecture will explore The Salvation Army’s perspectives on war and peace and its actions during various wars and conflicts throughout its history, including colonial contexts, the two world wars, the Irish Troubles, and 9/11. Dr. Carter-Chand will discuss various ways that Salvationists have tried to uphold the principles of internationalism and political neutrality, as well as the ways in which war challenges these efforts. 

Dr. Rebecca Carter-Chand received her PhD in History and the Collaborative Program in Jewish Studies at the University of Toronto in 2016. Her dissertation, “Doing Good in Bad Times: The Salvation Army in Germany, 1886-1946,” analyzes the Salvation Army’s negotiation of its international and national identities through periods of significant political and social upheaval and its role as a minority church and social service organization in the Nazi period.

Currently, Dr. Carter-Chand is the Acting Director of the Programs on Ethics, Religion, and the Holocaust at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. Her areas of research include the history of minority churches in Nazi Germany and the Salvation Army during World War II.  Her publications on Salvation Army history include, “The Politics of Being Apolitical: The Salvation Army and the Nazi Revolution” in Word & Deed (2016) and “A Relationship of Pragmatism and Conviction: The International Salvation Army and the German Heilsarmee in the Nazi Era” in Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte/Contemporary Church History.  She is currently co-editing a volume, Religion and Ethnonationalism in the Era of the Two World Wars (with Kevin Spicer, under contract with McGill-Queen’s University Press). 

You can read “We Remember“, an online article written by Dr. Carter-Chand, in Peer magazine (a Salvation Army youth publication).


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