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In response to recent speculations and inaccuracies surrounding Booth University College’s sale of 447 Webb Place, we are keen to provide a clear and accurate account of the situation to dispel any misinformation.

In a community as closely-knit as Winnipeg, the importance of transparent communication cannot be overstated. Regrettably, misconceptions arose within our community regarding the sale of 447 Webb Place, leading to the creation and dissemination of unfounded narratives. It came to our attention that some individuals speculated about the closure of Booth University College, a notion that was erroneously perpetuated by a regional newspaper in a now-corrected story.

In the interest of fostering clarity and dispelling any unwarranted rumours, Booth University College issues the following statements:

1. Property Transactions: Booth UC has acquired 290 Vaughan Street, a strategically chosen location just two lots away from the recently sold property at 447 Webb Place. This four-story, historically significant building aligns with Booth UC’s current needs, ensuring the continued fulfillment of our mission in Winnipeg and beyond.

2. Sale of 447 Webb Place: Booth UC has sold its main campus building at 447 Webb Place. The decision to sell was made for several reasons related to the current needs of the institution and our founding stakeholder, The Salvation Army.

3. Transition: Providence University College has acquired 447 Webb Place from Booth UC and a 7-month transition plan is underway to allow adequate time for the relocation of  Booth UC’s operations from 447 Webb Place to 290 Vaughan Street. Providence UC has been and will continue to be a partner with Booth UC in delivering quality post-secondary education from a Christian perspective. Booth UC believes this transition will allow for additional collaborations to take place, which will ultimately benefit both institutions.

Booth University College is reaffirming its enduring presence and commitment to the community. The institution is currently under the stewardship of a new leadership team, collaborating with faculty and staff to develop a strategic plan that charts a course for the institution’s future. This plan reinforces Booth UC’s identity, calling, and strengths, expressing our commitment to faithfully serving students globally while continuing to contribute to the City of Winnipeg and The Salvation Army.

Booth University College wishes to extend its gratitude to the community for their ongoing support and understanding during this transitional period. We look forward to the next phase of our journey as we remain steadfast in our dedication to education, community service, and our shared values.

Rev. (Dr.) Rob Fringer, President


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