Presidential Bulletin: Inspiring Hope, Driving Innovation

Greetings! On April 29, 2023 Booth University College celebrated its 40th Anniversary. We wish to thank all those who attended this celebration.

The 40th Anniversary gave the Booth UC community, an opportunity to look back as we reflected on our beginning. We consider the present, giving praise to the One whose wisdom we sought along the way. It’s a good thing to pause, to reflect, to consider, to contemplate, and to celebrate.

Booth UC staff and faculty have been very busy shaping the next chapters in the Booth story and unfolding new initiatives across Canada and globally. Over the past months, “ambassadors” from Booth University College have been moving among various groups in and around Winnipeg, talking about Education for a Better World – sharing the Booth UC story.

Who were these “ambassadors”? They are Booth UC faculty, Director of Advancement, Dean of the School for Continuing Studies, Dean of Student Services, and Admission Counsellors. They shared about Booth UC’s degree programs (School of Business; School of Humanities & Social Sciences; School of Social Work), School for Continuing Studies, the Corporate Learning Academy, Global Partners in England, Indonesia, Nigeria. New initiatives are underway, such as a Certificate in Climate Action, the Shelter U initiative offering education as “a pathway out of poverty”,  a degree in Community and Urban Transformation, Certificate in Community Capacity Building and developing an online Master’s in Social Work, to name a few, are all in process. Booth University College knows that developing new academic programs is an important part of “growing enrollments, maintaining relevancy in the curriculum, and differentiating the institution.”

The Salvation Army’s history of service, justice, mercy, and Booth University College’s values of hope, social justice, and mercy go hand in hand. The Salvation Army has become one of the largest non-governmental direct providers of social services in Canada, and it makes complete sense to offer education that matches the need. Anyone can come to Booth University College and become involved in changing the world.

The question has been asked, “Is Booth University College closing?” The answer is, “No!” We believe in Education for a Better World. It’s what Booth UC has been called to. It’s what Booth UC does.

Booth UC will be moving from its current premises, 447 Webb Place, Winnipeg, MB to 290 Vaughan Street, Winnipeg, MB. Booth UC takes pride in being an urban university. It is invested in remaining in the downtown. The move to 290 Vaughan Street from its current premises gives evidence to its concern for the downtown and a willingness to help and be involved. We are open and expanding our reach, in Manitoba, across Canada and around the world.

The Salvation Army and Booth University College combined, have a richness that is making a significant difference in communities across Canada and globally through education. A move to a learning environment of campus classroom, virtual classroom and online, 290 Vaughan Street, facilitates all of this from a place of excellence and will ensure the delivery of a distinctive learning experience. This move will cultivate student growth in and outside the classroom.

When the time comes to celebrate all that took place at 447 Webb Place and the move to 290 Vaughan Street, we hope you will be part of the next chapter in the Booth University College story. Watch for announcements, until then classes continue at 447 Webb Place.

If you have other questions, or comments, or would like to know more about Booth UC, we would love to have a conversation. Please contact


Lt Col (Dr) Susan van Duinen, President


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