“Reflections on Writing a Biography of Bramwell Booth”

“Reflections on Writing a Biography of Bramwell Booth”

Our next lecture in the Earl Robinson Memorial Lecture series will be taking place on October 20, 2020. Dr. Roger J. Green will be reflecting on his biographical work on Bramwell Booth. We had the chance to ask Dr. Green a few questions about the upcoming lecture.

In a few sentences can you describe the focus of your lecture?
I will be lecturing on a biography of Bramwell Booth that I am presently writing with my friend, Major Peter Farthing, from Australia. It was Peter’s idea to write this biography and he invited me to join him in this work.  I will be speaking about what brought this about, what we are learning about both Bramwell Booth and The Christian Mission and The Salvation Army, and Bramwell Booth’s involvement in that work.

What do you hope the audience will learn from your lecture?
We hope that people will receive a new understanding of Bramwell Booth.  His life ended rather sadly, and many people think only of that when they think of Bramwell Booth. However, The Salvation Army’s Year Book lists three founders of The Salvation Army–William, Catherine, and Bramwell–and rightly so. He was the architect of so much of The Salvation Army, and we want to highlight his great contributions to the Army and thereby to the Kingdom of God.

How does your lecture relate to the overall series theme of “Christian Faith in the World”?  
Understanding Bramwell Booth and others who shaped the Army is a reminder not only of what they perceived the Army to be in their day, but challenges us to state the mission of the Army, and therefore of the Church, in our day and age. We believe that our readers will be encouraged to think through the biblical mandate for mission in the world by reading this biography.

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