Bruce Redman

Bruce Redman

Diploma of Teaching, PhD Media
Sessional Instructor

Dr. Bruce Redman is an Australian-based filmmaker, academic and film critic. He is also a life-long, fourth-generation Salvationist. He was originally trained as a school teacher before moving into a traineeship with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Going on to work as a producer of film and TV drama, documentary and reality TV, Bruce has also produced over 300 television commercials. He has taught at a number of Australian universities in areas as diverse as journalism, public relations, acting, documentary and drama production. Bruce’s PhD focused on guerrilla documentary making, and he continues to work skillfully in this area, having recently completed 25 mini-docs on children with disabilities.

Bruce was the media director for the Australian Salvation Army for 5 years and was also national editor-in-chief of production and publications. He was a photographer on the Boundless 2015 media team in London. He and his wife Anne headed up the planting team of a Project 614-based church, which still operates in inner-city Brisbane.

Bruce and his family have travelled extensively throughout the world and he has a weakness for great coffee, A&W Root Beer, Chicago deep dish pizza and Canadian maple syrup.

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