Laszlo Markovics

Laszlo Markovics

Assistant Professor, School of Business

Laszlo Markovics joined Booth University College in May 2017 as Assistant Professor. He holds a Masters in Business Law and comes to us with a diverse background in Marketing. Laszlo moved to Canada from Hungary in 2008. With a marketing and business law background, he has always worked in the field of marketing management, as a general manager, marketing manager, advertising agency owner, development director, and producer – including some work for HBO Europe for the Oscars, Golden Globes and Grammy programs. As a filmmaker, he produced/directed seven documentaries about history, art and the Roma minority in Hungary. Laszlo has been teaching marketing, business law and other business administration subjects at Red River College for 8+ years. He loves books, classical music and blues, enjoys hiking in the mountains, kayaking and biking.

Teaching Areas:

  • Introduction to Business
  • Macroeconomics
  • Corporate Finance
  • Production Operations
  • Public Relations
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • International Business
  • Digital Marketing
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Fax: 204-942-3856