Lt. Col. (Dr.) Susan van Duinen

Lt. Col. (Dr.) Susan van Duinen

Mdiv, DMin
Sessional Instructor

In July 2017, Susan launched her website for her practice as a certified Executive Leadership and Life Coach. In her practice, Susan strives toward “Cultivating Potential” and bringing positive change in her clients.

Susan also engages in teaching cadets at CFOT and certificate courses for the School for Continuing Studies at Booth University College.

Susan was also the Dean of the School for Continuing Studies for three years from 2014-2017. As the Dean, Susan successfully used project/change management principles to bring about the formation of a solid structure for the School, allowing it to fulfill its mission of providing “education for a better world.”

In 2007, Susan was the first married woman to become Divisional Commander in the Canada and Bermuda Territory. She held the position of Divisional Commander in the Manitoba and North West Division and the two largest divisions of the territory, the British Columbia Division and the Ontario Central East Division.

Susan and her husband, Dirk, were commissioned in 1978 and served in various appointments over their 36 years in ministry, including church, youth, and administrative ministry.