Monika Allen

Monika Allen

BA, MA, CCC, Psychological Associate (Independent Practice)
Sessional Instructor

Monika graduated with a BA in Conflict Resolution, Psychology, and Developmental Studies from the University of Winnipeg. She obtained her MA in Counselling Psychology from Trinity Western University. Her professional experience in Winnipeg ranges from working as a private practice counselling therapist, in front-line response with a mental health crisis team in the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, and working as a psychometrist in Youth Forensic Services.

Monika most recently worked as a Registered Psychologist at the University of Calgary’s Mathison Centre for Mental Health Research & Education, where she conducted assessments and provided group treatment for youth at risk of developing psychosis. This occurred within the context of major clinical trials. It is the hope that this research will provide valuable insight into how serious mental illnesses develop and can be successfully treated and prevented. Her clinical research interests include community psychology, program consultation, and adolescent mental health.

Monika enjoys pursuing her desire to educate and facilitate a deeper understanding of psychology when co-instructing PSY 120 and 121 online.