Sandra Kliewer-Morin

Sandra Kliewer-Morin

Sessional Instructor

Sandra Kliewer-Morin graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2001 with her BSW. She then returned to the University of Manitoba in 2003 and worked toward her MSW, which she obtained in 2010. Sandra is spending her career in the scope of geriatrics.

Having spent the first 4 years of her career working in the personal care home realm, Sandra came to realize that her passion lay in working with the frail elderly in the community. Since 2005, she has been privileged to work with geriatric patients both in the community and in the hospital setting. She has been able to work closely with geriatricians, primary care physicians, emergency room physicians, and an abundance of exceptional allied health professionals. She has learned the value of multi-disciplinary care and the need for a holistic approach to elder care in the community. Sandra has worked with individuals who also have mental health issues; abuse issues; social issues, such as proper affordable housing, squalor, financial limitations, etc.; as well as all kinds of dementia diagnoses and challenging behaviour. She has worked with clients, couples, and families. She has dealt with assisting in care plans for developmentally delayed seniors, seniors struggling with sexual orientation, seniors living with HIV, palliative care in the community, and much more. Sandra loves being a part of a multi-disciplinary care team that helps clients/patients to determine their present needs and wishes and identify future goals and desired outcomes, on an ongoing basis, whilst promoting empowerment, individuality, rights, responsibilities, identity, and self-esteem. Over the years, Sandra has learned how to communicate with clients about sensitive issues in an appropriate manner, understanding and being prepared for their reactions to information. Sandra’s role as a social worker has significantly improved upon her communication skills, her patience, and her initiative. As a result, she has become more aware of her own values and beliefs whilst showing respect for all persons and their values, beliefs, cultures, goals, needs, and preferences.

While not wearing her social work hat, Sandra enjoys spending time with her children and husband, whether they are all piled on the couch for a show or out doing some activity. She also enjoys time catching up with her friends as well as seeking solitude and escaping life with a good book.