The Colours that Bind Us

Red, blue and yellow. These are Booth UC’s “colours” and we use them in everything from our stationery and website to promotional materials and even clothing! Recently, Student Services ordered some hoodies and long-sleeved t-shirts in our colours. That got us thinking…how many people in the Booth UC community actually know the background behind those colours. They weren’t chosen at random and hold significant meaning.

The colours were chosen to complement those of The Salvation Army, and reflect Booth UC’s goal of bringing together Christian faith, scholarship and a passion of service:

The red represents the precious blood of Jesus Christ, through which we are saved.
The yellow represents the light and fire of the Holy Spirit.
The blue represents the purity of God the Father.

“Since the University was founded by The Salvation Army, it was important for the colours to reflect its faith foundation,” explains graphic designer, Steve Boyd. “That’s why each colour represents a part of the Trinity.”

“The shield design is also a link to The Army,” he continues. “It is a strong yet classic symbol that points to Booth UC’s emphasis on faith, scholarship and service.”

As mentioned previously, we do have new Booth UC gear in the three colours. If you would like to purchase a hoodie or t-shirt, please contact Student Services.


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