The Spirit of Christmas, Even During a Pandemic

The Spirit of Christmas, Even During a Pandemic

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”…sort of.

Christmas decorations in the Library

It’s the time of year when many of us are usually busy planning social gatherings, buying gifts at the mall, and attending concerts and other live events. Our students ordinarily have the additional bustle of volunteering, enjoying a Christmas banquet, winding up the semester, and heading home for the holidays. This year, most of us are already home, as the pandemic has forced us to stay home and remain physically distanced from others.

Yet, throughout all the challenges of the year, Booth UC has managed to keep the Christmas spirit alive in a few different ways.

It may seem like a small thing, but our lobby in Waldron and our library are both beautifully decorated for the season. We have shared images throughout the month on our social media channels in an attempt to “bring campus” to the community. (If you visited campus in-person in December, we hope you enjoyed the decor.)

We stocked our shelves with new Booth UC gear so students, staff and faculty could purchase a gift for a family member (or themselves!).

Our Student Council hosted a Toy Trot Walk-a-Thon. In lieu of helping out with the Toy Mountain Toy Drive, students raised money through pledges and committed to walking 2km on November 28. They raised a total of $1045! An incredible accomplishment.

Student council also hosted a Christmas baking contest. And, speaking of baking, our hospitality team provided delicious Christmas baking to all the staff and faculty. Thank you Angie and team!

“Merry Christmas!”

Our virtual mini-gatherings featured (and will continue to feature) an advent theme. Hosted by Tim Plett, they are all available on our YouTube channel.

Christmas at Booth UC has looked much diferent this year. Yet, we sincerely hope that we have been able to provide even just a little bit of Christmas spirit during these times. We are so thankful for our Booth UC community and wish you God’s many blessings this Christmas season.