“Traveling Virtually” to a Venue Near You

“Traveling Virtually” to a Venue Near You

Booth University College believes in Education for a Better World, which is an education that empowers students to transform their community. This commitment not only permeates our classrooms but is the ethos of the entire institution. It is also why one of the ways our Admissions Department connects with high school students is through the facilitation of three different virtual Social Justice workshops. These workshops have taken off in popularity!

Throughout the fall, our Admissions Counsellors have taken Education for a Better World “on the road” to high school students across Manitoba and Ontario, with resounding success. Over 220 students have taken part in Booth UC’s virtual Social Justice workshops, diving into difficult conversations about topics such as poverty, privilege, homelessness, and food scarcity.

The Social Justice workshops are an interactive video conferencing experience that seeks to educate and awaken passionate students who want to transform and serve their city and communities with mercy and peace. They give context to the topics and ask students to engage in either online simulations or guided conversations. One of the most popular workshops is titled Privilege. Students become aware of their privileges and this awareness helps them see how they can use their privilege to lift others up. Both students and educators have found the workshops enlightening through the raised awareness of others’ situations. They also find growth in empathy and compassion through the experience.

With many more Social Justice workshops planned for schools and church groups in winter 2020/2021 the Admissions Team will be busy “travelling virtually” to a venue near you! Please contact us if you would like to learn more or book your own Social Justice workshop.