Evan Curtis

Evan Curtis

Assistant Professor of Psychology


I am interested in the fundamental structure and function of memory. I approach these problems using a mix of computational simulations and laboratory experiments. Currently, I am interested in the role that memory plays in other behaviours such as categorization, and why memory dysfunction (e.g., amnesia) impacts some memory behaviours but not others. My more recent research has begun examining the interplay between memory and attentional processes.

I teach broadly within the areas of brain and cognitive sciences. I also teach experimental design and analysis, and believe that equipping students with the ability to conduct and critically analyse research is a crucial component of providing education for a better world.
Outside of academics, I am a professional bassist around town, so come say hi if you see me around!

Dr. Curtis completed his PhD in Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Manitoba in January 2017.

Telephone (Toll-free): 1-877-942-6684 ext 881
Fax: 204-942-3856