Welcome, High School Counselors, Educators, and Supporters dedicated to guiding students toward their future endeavours. Booth University College's supportive admissions process and learning environment provide a seamless and positive transition from high school to University College for all students.

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Exploring program options, navigating the application process, or curious about specific support services for a student? Our admissions team is happy to help at every step. 

Counsellors’ Breakfast at Booth UC

Our Educator event, Counsellors' Breakfast at Booth UC was held on Wednesday, October 11, 2023, with keynote speaker: Jennifer Meixner, Assistant Professor of Social Work who spoke on “Moral Courage for Mobilizing Justice”.

Meet the President and Vice President Academic and Dean, as well as the keynote address in a recording of the event.

We invite you to see how a Booth University College education will benefit your students.

Guest Lectures 

Our guest lectures are an opportunity for high school students and educators to meet our faculty while learning about topics of interest to them. The lectures are geared towards high school students who are exploring university. Each lecture is:

  • One hour in length, including time for Q&A
  • Delivered in person or virtually

Lecture Topics

Here's our latest lineup of guest speakers and lecture topics.

Dr. Mandy Elliott, Assistant Professor, Booth University College

  • Your Identity – How do you see the world and how does the world see you
  • How Women’s Bodies Have Been Depicted in Film

Dr. Elliott is a member of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Booth UC, with a focus on English literature and film. To learn more, visit Dr. Elliott's bio

Dr. Aaron Klassen, Assistant Professor, Booth University College

  • The Urbanization of Forced Displacement

Dr. Klassen is a member of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Booth UC, with a focus on sociology and behavioural sciences. To learn more, visit Dr. Klassen's bio.

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Contact our Admissions Department and we will be happy to assist you. We look forward to engaging with you in the pursuit of Education for a Better World.

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