A hub for pioneering initiatives, our Academic Innovations Department serves as a sandbox for innovative ideas and partnerships at Booth University College (Booth UC).

To meet learners’ evolving needs, we work internally and in collaboration with a number of external partners on new academic programs and initiatives.

With the goal of cultivating a culture of innovation and experimentation within Booth UC, we empower faculty, staff and students to develop—and pilot—projects that align with our mission.

Governance and Responsibilities

The department is managed by a director who reports to Booth UC’s Cabinet. In the absence of a director, the Booth UC president will assume the role of de facto director.

Responsibilities of the department:

  • Solicit, review and evaluate proposals, and coordinate the selection process for new programs and initiatives
  • Offer support and guidance in business plan development for proposed projects
  • Pilot and implement approved initiatives, overseeing progress and assessing impact on teaching, learning and institutional goals
  • Facilitate partnerships with external groups to co-create academic programs and research projects
  • Monitor trends and best practices in higher education and share knowledge to inform new academic offerings
  • Maintain a repository of successful projects and best practices to guide future initiatives

Proposal Submission and Review 

Booth UC faculty, staff or students—and external partners with an established relationship with the institution—may submit proposals to the Academic Innovations Department. 

Submission guidelines

  1. Prepare a detailed proposal outlining the rationale, objectives, scope, resources, timeline and anticipated outcomes of the proposed academic initiative. It should outline how the project benefits Booth UC and any external partners.
  2. Include a comprehensive business plan that addresses feasibility, sustainability, budgetary considerations, risk management and potential impact.

Proposal submission period to be announced shortly.

Review process

Upon submission, proposals will move through the following stages:

  • Initial review to assess project feasibility and alignment with institutional mission, values and strategic goals
  • Evaluation by an adjudication panel comprised of faculty, administrators and relevant subject matter experts, if proposal passes initial review
  • Decision-making following the panel’s evaluation and recommendations, with Booth UC’s Cabinet making the final decision
  • Notification of the Cabinet’s decision, along with feedback and guidance for further development or implementation of the proposed initiatives

Pilot Projects

We have a number of exciting pilot projects currently underway. Explore each project and get ready to be inspired!

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