The School for Continuing Studies sets you up to advance in not-for-profit and spiritual leadership roles. We offer flexible training that combines theory and practical experience. Expand your skills and confidence for effective leadership in today's world.

All programs are open to the public, unless indicated that they are Salvation Army only.

Programs Offered

Studying at Booth UC

Expand your knowledge, skills, and confidence in areas of leadership, chaplaincy, and theological studies. We have a small student to faculty ratio. You'll experience a collaborative learning environment with focused time and expertise of our instructors. 

Our programs combine theory and practice in a flexible format. Through applied learning activities, you'll get experience and confidence in real world situations. You'll leave here ready to lead positive change in your work and communities.

Our Mission and Vision


The School for Continuing Studies is called to serve a troubled and hurting world through transformative learning.


The School for Continuing Studies envisions a world transformed through a leadership development centre; focused on the development of skills, knowledge, character, and academic excellence; and rooted in Christian faith and The Salvation Army Wesleyan tradition.

The Salvation Army Connection 

The School for Continuing Studies is a primary centre for education and training of Salvation Army staff. This includes Salvation Army officers (post- CFOT), staff, and lay members. Programs aim to:

  • educate in theology
  • equip to serve in corps appointments, chaplaincy, leadership, and not-for-profit management

Letters of Intent and Reference

Some programs require a letter of introduction and intent and two reference letters. To confirm if these are requirements for your selected program, refer to the admission requirements.

Upload your letters to your online application form or email them.

Letter of Introduction and Intent

In a brief essay, describe:

  • Yourself and your life journey
  • Your spiritual life and your service or ministry, if applicable
  • Why you’re pursuing your selected certificate at this time in your life or career
  • How you hope to benefit from the learning
  • Why you think Booth University College is a good academic fit for your life and learning

Reference Letters

Include two reference letters from people in a position to assess your suitability for the program (employer, academic, spiritual advisor... pastor, etc.). The letters should include:

  • How long the person writing the letter has known you, and in what capacity
  • Information describing your suitability to enter a course of academic studies
  • Your suitability for entrance to your selected certificate program

Program Contacts

Our Admissions Team is happy to provide more information or help you through the application process. Contact us if you'd like to learn more about Booth University College or any of our programs.

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