About Booth UC

Booth University College

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Booth University College is a Christian institution rooted in The Salvation Army’s 156 year history of meeting the needs of society’s most vulnerable. Deeply committed to social justice, we blend Christian faith and rigorous scholarship with a passion for service. Our approach to learning is anchored in academic excellence and based on a vision of hope, social justice and mercy for all. 

In today’s changing world, students should be proficient in literature, philosophy, history, religion, fine arts and both social and physical sciences. With this foundation in place, our students are prepared to pursue knowledge in their chosen field of expertise. Whether that field is the humanities, the social sciences or a professional degree, exposure to the broad range of human knowledge makes our graduates better people and citizens. The integration of this knowledge in a Christian world-view, prepares our students to explore its boundaries with courage and commitment. With the mentorship of committed professors and instructors, we expect our students to tackle the most difficult and complex issues of our day with hope and confidence.

Our Commitment – Education for a Better World

Booth University College’s commitment is to provide Education for a Better World. We educate students to understand the complexities of our world by developing the knowledge and skills necessary to be active contributors to society and to know how Christian faith compels them to bring hope, social justice and mercy into the world. We go beyond preparing students for a career. We prepare and inspire them to go out and make a positive impact in their communities and the world around them.

As a Christian university college, our mission is shaped by biblical realism that acknowledges the world, although created by God and endowed with His goodness and beauty, is deeply troubled. Alongside the richness of this world and the dignity of human life, we recognize that we live in a world that has fallen short of the glory in which it was created.

We want our students to see the beauty of the world but also be informed about the challenges of life together on this planet. These challenges of an environment in deep distress, presented by societies and social systems that are voracious in their appetite for “muchness and manyness” and the challenges of injustice that spring from self-interest run rampant.

As a Christian educational institution, we explore the world as it is, with its mix of splendour and violence, despair and hope, injustice and a longing to do better. Much of our work together is an effort to expand our understanding beyond what we have always thought, known or believed.

But as a Christian university college, it is imperative that we do more than simply understand the world as it is. We must also look beyond what currently exists, past the constraints of the moment and envision a better world. We must prepare our students not only to identify and understand the challenges of the present but also to envision solutions for the future; not only to explain why the world is as it is, but also to work to make it better; not only to comfort those who are suffering, but also to heal their wounds.

Education for a Better World is our commitment and is central to the mission of Booth University College for this reason. Our goal is to educate our students so that they can live lives that are informed by the discipline of their minds and transformed by Christian faith. We want to prepare our students to be both willing and able to work hard to bring this better world near.