Booth University College is committed to helping students succeed academically. Our small class sizes and caring staff make for an experience that's suited for different learning needs. The Accessibility Services program supports students with disabilities to learn in a way that will help them succeed. 

In consultation with the Academic Learning and Accessibility Coordinator, arrange for accommodations to support your academic success. Make an appointment through the Academic Learning Centre to discover more.

If You Need Special Support

1. Let Us Know

It’s best to inform us of any special needs when you apply for admission to Booth University College. We guarantee confidentiality and impartiality regarding your application. If you didn’t state your needs at the time of admission, please let us know as soon as possible.

We recommend contacting the Academic Learning Centre or the Dean of Students within the first few weeks of class so we can consider additional support options quickly.

2. Provide Documentation

Once you’ve been accepted to Booth University College, please provide the appropriate documentation to complete a needs assessment. Documentation of a disability must be within the last three years. Documents can be delivered or sent to the Academic Learning Centre or the Dean of Students

3. Meet With Us

After receiving your documentation, the Academic Learning and Accessibility Coordinator will meet with you to discuss your needs, and the learning resources available. We will develop a plan that includes Academic Accommodations and the resources Booth University College can provide to assist you.

Next Steps

Accessibility Services will inform faculty, department heads, and the Academic Dean about the Academic Accommodations that will best support your learning. Our process promotes equity and does not compromise the integrity of course material.


Contact Us

For more information about Accessibility Services at Booth University College, contact:

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