We want you to graduate from Booth University College with a range of skills that will serve you in the workplace, at home, and in the community. That's why we developed institution-wide learning outcomes. Our institutional learning outcomes are true across every program at Booth University College. Regardless of the program you enrol in, you'll graduate with these outcomes.

Institutional Learning Outcomes

1. Christian Worldview

You'll be exposed to a Christian worldview that is informed, critically grounded, and in accord with the Scriptures and orthodox faith.

2. Christian Character

You'll be encouraged to live in a way that emanates from a Christian worldview, demonstrating hope, justice and mercy in all spheres of life.

3. Passion for Learning

You'll be able to show a passion for learning by your curiosity and search for answers.

4. Critical Inquiry

You'll be able to acquire knowledge, understanding and truth through the close examination of a matter, the systematic exploration of issues and arguments, the collecting and analyzing of evidence and by making informed judgments.

5. Creative Problem-Solving

You'll be able to draw on your educational experiences and apply the principles of critical inquiry to develop interdisciplinary solutions to problems.

6. Integrating Knowledge

You'll be able to acquire and use in-depth multidisciplinary knowledge through the integration of the scholarly disciplines as well as through personal, social, and academic experiences.

7. Aesthetic Sensibility

You'll be able to demonstrate an awareness of and appreciation for a range of creative arts, interpret their meanings and express creativity and artistry in your academic work.

8. Ethical Decision-Making

You'll be able to show a commitment to ethical behaviour that recognizes your ethical obligations to others and your responsibility to contribute to the common good of society.

9. Social Justice

You'll be able to advocate for and practice social justice.

10. Communication Skills

You'll be able to speak and present information clearly and convincingly in many modes.

11. Global Diversity

You'll able to demonstrate an awareness of and engagement with diversity. This includes differences in race, class, gender, culture, religion, politics, lifestyle, physical and mental abilities.

12. Service

You'll be able to use the skills and knowledge acquired in your studies in service of the local and global communities.

13. Leadership

You'll be able to describe the nature, potential and responsibility of leadership. You'll be able to engage others in building capacity for positive change.

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